Brad Leone Signature Series Turners with POM Handles


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Cut from heat-treated 410 stainless steel for strength and durability, these unique turners complement every kitchen mood! Designed by Brad Leone to be corrosion-resistant and comfortable to handle, each turner is meticulously crafted with a thin edge for easy lifting, flipping, turning, and serving.  Grab either the small or mid-size turner for casual meal prep or reach for the large one when it’s time to show who’s boss! 


The durable POM handles possess a brilliant sheen finish, nickel-silver rivets and are specially designed to keep your hands clear of heat! 

Choose from a Small, Medium or Large Size. Each tool sold separately.

Overall Length – 9.6″; Blade Length – 2.9″ Blade Width – 2.5″; Weight – 4.8 oz

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