Brad Leone Signature Griddle Turners, Set of 3


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Brad Leone Designed and Approved
Heat-treated blades mean strength and durability. Three different styles can complement any kitchen mood!

Designed to be corrosion-resistant using high-grade heat-treated stainless steel, each turner is meticulously crafted with a thin edge for easy lifting, flipping, turning, and serving.

Grab the small or mid-size turner for everyday prep and reach for the large one when it’s time to show who’s boss!

The handles have a brilliant sheen finish with nickel-silver rivets and are ergonomically designed to keep your hands clear of heat!

The set consists of 3 unique Turners

  • Small – Overall Length – 9.6″; Blade Length – 2.9″ Blade Width – 2.5″; Weight – 4.8 oz 
  • Medium – Overall Length – 10.5″; Blade Length – 4.6″ Blade Width – 4.0″; Weight – 6.7 oz
  • Large – Overall Length – 9.6″; Blade Length – 5.0″ Blade Width – 8.0″; Weight – 14.1 oz


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