Building strong bond between manufacturers and consumers Marketplace, e-commerce, logistics and metadata!

Greetings! Here is StockFore!
StockFore is a hands-on expert in e-commerce and logistics fields. We’ve been working towards it for 5 years, and now we’re ready to introduce our new product concept.

The digital age allows humanity to solve the issue of overproduction once and for all. Our answer is a dynamic balance between production and consumption. The Key to it are information and Big Data!

Dynamic balance is a concept in which production and consumption are balanced by collecting percuise information about consumer needs and production capabilities.

StockFore Inc is currently testing a three-in-one IT system which would be a new word at e-commerce world:
– Marketplace,
– Logistics service,
– Softwear for collecting and processing unique consumer activity data for sharing with manufacturers.

So far, the test software is investigating demand and purchasing activity in Kazakhstan and the Dominican Republic. Based on the data obtained, a similar IT solution will be created that supports the operation of an international trading platform with a logistics service and a unique information service for manufacturers – up-to-date data on consumer demand in all countries of the world.


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